Tigers JFC Club Constitution

1. Title

i.      The Club shall be called Tigers Junior Football Club, hereinafter referred to as The Club.  


i.      The Club shall be affiliated to the Essex CountyFootball Association.  

ii.     To promote Junior, Youth and Adult Football from theage of 6 to adult male & female, in the local and the surrounding areas,and to encourage good sportsmanship and football skills.  

iii.     To provide the facility for children of all abilitiesto participate in and enjoy the sport of football. To support Adult Footballteams as necessary.  


i.      Home Kit - The agreed home kit is yellow &black stripes, black shorts, and MUST be worn for all games, Home & Away.
Away Kit – The agreed away kit is white shirts, black shorts.
Away kit must only be worn if there is a clash of colours.

Team Managers and players must NEVER deviate from this rule.

ii.      All kit MUST be purchased via The Club’s approved suppliers (currently Trophyland, Hornchurch). Trophyland will not release any orders before payment is made by the team or their sponsor.  

iii.      All equipment and any clothing purchased by the Club with the Tigers Logo on will remain the property of The Club and therefore must be returned upon leaving.   On leaving if you wish to donate your kit back to the club this would be gratefully received. Please note that it is strictly prohibited for any player or team to use the kit for a fixture if no longer affiliated to the Club.

iv.      All reasonable equipment: bibs/balls/cones/goals will be paid for by The Club subject to availability of funds and committee approval.  All equipment requests must go through the kitsecretary.  Every effort will be made by the club to supply new balls every other season. However, the purchase of newballs will be subject to funds and committee approval.

v.      Teams should attempt to find a sponsor to purchase new kits.  Fund raising events should be considered.  Kit in good condition will be passed down.  The Club may provide kit only if these options are unsuccessful or inappropriate, subject to committee approval.

vi.      As per agreement, due to our Chartered Standard Community Status all Managers must have obtained their Level 1 badge and undertaken a DBS check. Due to this being a mandatory requirement by the FA,Tigers JFC will cover the cost for this once the Manager and coach have completed and passed.  HOWEVER, IF MANAGERS LEAVE THE CLUB WITHIN 18 MONTHS OF PASSING, MANAGERS WILL HAVE TO REIMBURSE THE CLUB ALL COSTS IN FULL. 


i.      The Committee will make decisions on behalf of The Club. The Committee will take on and assign duties to ensure The Club runs smoothly within The Club’s agreed objectives.
The Committee shall include:


•      Chairman  
•      Vice Chairman
•      Secretary
•      Treasurer

General Committee

•      Club Welfare Officer
•      Kit Secretary
•      Summer Tournament Co- Coordinator
•      Chartered Standard Co-ordinator
•      Girls Co-ordinator
•      Fundraising & Marketing Officer
•       200 Club Officer
•      Cubs Officers
•      Wild Cats/Girls Development Officers
•      Team Reps
•      Disciplinary Officer

ii.      The Managers are Team managers who are elected members of The Club.
As such The Managers are ‘required’ to attend Manager’s meetings.
The Managers shall include:

•      Managers
•      Coaches/Assistants

iii.      The Committee of The Club shall meet every month from season start to the end of May.  The Managers shall be invited to join Committee meetings if required. The minutes of all meetings will be circulated by the Club Secretary.

iv.      Manager’s meetings will be held when required and are mandatory.  Any committee member who cannot attend must nominate a representative committee member to attend in their place. Any Manager who cannot attend must nominate a representative from within their respective team/s to attend in their place, failure to do so will result in a £25 fine. Failure to pay fines may result in the suspension of a team’s fixtures until The Club receive settlement.

v.      All meetings of The Club will be conducted in a civilised manner, speaking through the “Chair”.

vi.      A minimum of 4 committee members are required for a meeting too take place.

vii.      The Committee will make final decisions on behalf of The Club.



i.      Membership shall consist of all playing members(players), the Officers of 'The Club', the General Committee of The Club & the Managers of The Club. The Club Secretary shall ensurethat a register of player members is kept up to date.  

ii.      Team Managers shall be responsible for complying with the rules regarding age limits for the respective Leagues when registering players.  

iii.      Membership shall be open to all: irrespective of age,gender, disability, race, ethnic origin, creed, colour, social status or sexualorientation.

iv.      Everyone connected with The Club must preserve the good name and reputation of the club. Failure to do so will result in the offending Member being called up for a Disciplinary Hearing.  The committee shall have the power to fine or suspend players and to prevent parents from attending matches should it become necessary.  The Committee shall have the power to recommend for expulsion any member deemed guilty of conduct deemed prejudicial to the good name of The Club.

v.      The Club will have Codes of Conduct that must be adhered to by Managers/Coaches/Spectators/Parents/Guardians and Players. By agreeing to register your child, parents are automatically agreeing to abide by The Club’s codes of conduct which can be viewed on The Club’s website.

vi.      All playing Members who regularly attend training and match days will participate in matches that they attend and will not be discriminated against due to (but not exclusive to), their ability,religious faith, nationality, ethnic origins or gender.  

a. All Festival Teams(U7’s to U11’s); Best practise from the FA encourages that all players receive 50% play. The Club strongly encourage Managers to implement this as much as possible, however please note this is a recommendation not a rule.

b. All age groups:

-  Disciplinary - Managers and Coaches for any team can use their discretion to exclude a player or take them out of a match if their conduct during the match or at training breaks the code of conduct of The Club. The Club’s Welfare Officer and the player’s parents/guardians should be consulted, and reasons why this action will be taken explained.

-  Attendance - Any Member/Player regularly not attending, for no apparent good reason, could lose their place within the team/club. It is up to a Manager/Coach to decide what is reasonable.However, any decision to remove a Member/Player form their team must be discussed with the Member/Player’s parents/guardians and be approved by The Committee Officers, or a minimum of 4 of the General Committee.

vii.      Where possible, The Club will attempt to form four teams at U7’s each season from our Cubs section and aim for at least 2 from our Girls Development section. These teams shall be grouped by ability from the beginning of the U7's season.  

viii.      During the season any act involving the poaching of players from other local clubs is not allowed.

ix.      The Club may refuse membership, or remove it,only for good cause such as conduct of character likely to bring The Club or sport into disrepute. Appeal against refusal or removal may be made to The Committee.


i.      These shall be payable by all playing members:  
o  A discount of 25% shall be applied where two sibling members join the club. The discount shall apply to the youngest member.A 3rd child or more will be free.
o  Failure to pay the required registration will prevent the player from being registered with the league and The Club.
o  Any exceptions to this must be sanctioned by The Club Committee.

ii.      The Annual Subscription/Registration fee will be set and agreed by The Committee. Any reduction in registrations fees for midto late season will be at the discretion of The Committee.

iii.     Registration cards (if/when required) will NOT be signed by the club secretary without payment of the AnnualSubscription/Registration fee, unless in exceptional circumstances & with committee approval. This does not apply when registration and payment is completed via the WGS system.

iv.     Registration fees are non-refundable if a player decides to leave The Club during the season.

v.      Players will not be de-registered or transferred until all kit has been returned or any outstanding fees or fines paid.



i.      The Club will hold an Annual General Meeting, no later than June.  Any Committee member who cannot attend must nominate a person from within the committee to attend in their place. Any Manager who cannot attend must nominate a person from within their respective team/s to attend in their place. Failure to do so will result in a £40 fine. Failure to pay fines may result in the suspension of a team’s fixtures until The Club receive settlement.

ii.      Members over 16 and Parents or Guardians of Members Under 16 may also attend; their attendance however is not mandatory. The Secretary shall give 14 clear days’ notice of such meetings to allmembers.  

iii.      Motions for consideration at the AGM must be notified in writing to the Secretary at least 7 days prior to the AGM in order that their motion may be included into the AGM’s Agenda.

iv.      At the AGM, the following shall be included on the Agenda:  

o  The minutes of the last AGM shall be confirmed and accepted and any business arising there from dealt with.
o  Reports shall be received from Committee members
o  Communication of any rule changes.
o  Any other business  

v.      All voting will be on a show of hands; AGM voting rights are to parents/guardians of Members under 16, Members over 16, Managers and Committee members only, with 1 vote per player who is a club Member, with a maximum of 2 votes if both parents/guardians of a club Member under 16 attend the AGM and havemore than one playing child that is a member of The Club.  


i.      TheClub will have a qualified Child Welfare Officer and Child Protection Policy in place at all times.


i.      The Club do not recognise weekly/monthly subscriptions collected by Managers for team funds therefore no team should be collecting these.  It is strictly against the club’s rules to have any bank accounts with the name Tigers in the title.  No bank accounts to be opened for the intention of collecting monthly subs.  
ii.     Teams to hold no more than £100 in petty cash to pay for weekly referees or indoor training sessions.  If equipment is required,then funds to be collected from parents to pay for the goods direct.
iii.    The Club are not responsible and will not involve themselves in any queries or discrepancies between managers, parents or guardians with regard to any monies collected, reason being The Club strictly prohibits the collection of monthly subscriptions and none of the money is collected in The Club’s name.



i.      Rules will be considered for additions/deletions on a regular basis, not less than once a year.  Rule change must comply with the ruling of at least 6 members present. Chairman must confirm the rule changes for them to be valid.



i.      The Club’s monies shall be retained in a current bank account. The signatures / online approval of two of the Officers of The Club will be required for withdrawals.
ii.     The Club Treasurer will prepare annual financial accounts & balance sheet and publish the document at the AGM.  The Club accounts must be audited annually & submitted to The Committee for the signatures of The Club’s Chairman, Treasurer and Club Secretary.
iii.    The Club’s financial year shall run from June 1st to the end of May to capture payments relevant to each playing season.
iv.     All surplus income or profits are to be reinvested in The Club. No surpluses or assets will be distributed to members or third parties.


i.      The Club Secretary shall arrange the appropriate insurance cover each season with Essex FA.
ii.     Copies can be obtained from The Club Secretary.



i.       A copy of this Constitution shall be available to each Team Manager and General Committee member, whose responsibility it will be to advise Members (and their parents/guardians where applicable). A copy of the constitution will also be displayed on The Club’s website.
ii.     Any dispute, which requires the interpretation of this Constitution, shall be referred to The Committee and their decision will be binding.  
iii.    The Committee shall deal with any matters not governed by the foregoing Constitution and their decisions will be binding.  


i.      A resolution to dissolve The Club shall only be proposed at a General Meeting and shall be carried by a majority of at least three-quarters of the members present.
ii.     The dissolution shall take effect from the date of theresolution and the members of The Club Committee shall be responsible for the winding up of the assets and liabilities of The Club.
iii.    Upon dissolution of The Club any remaining assets shall be given or transferred to, a registered charity or the sport's governing body for use by them in related community sports.


i.      Any parent who feels that they have a grievance should submit that grievance in writing to any Committee member. That parent may then be formally invited to the next Committee meeting or invited to attend a meeting with a representative of The Committee.


i.      A copy of The Club’s Codes of Conduct, Anti-Discrimination & Equalities Policy is displayed on The Club’s Website.

17. Photo & Video Policy

i.      A copy of The Club’s Photo & Video policy isdisplayed on The Club’s Website.



i.      Any Social Media groups must have private settings enabled and only parents and close family/friends should be invited and must be monitored by a parent/manager of the team.
ii.     Make sure you have parent/guardian permission before putting any photos on social media. If you put Member’s photos on a public site with parents’ permission, you must not add the Members name to the picture.
iii.    Do not post anything offensive or anything that could bring The Club’s name into disrepute.


For Players (Members) and Parents/Spectators:

i.      These must be adhered to at all times, a copy isdisplayed on The Club’s Website.

For Team Officials (Managers):

ii.      These must be adhered to at all times, a copy isdisplayed on The Club’s Website.


i.      All fines must be paid for by offending Manager,Spectator, parent or guardian, or player (Member).  Fines are to be paid promptly. Failure to do so may lead to a suspension of the individual from The Club until the fine has been confirmed as paid by The Club.



i.      The Club undertakes a data protection policy in line with GDPR legislation 2018.